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Since I have been taking Anti-Stress I am much more easy going! ... more

Aase Nielsen, 72.
I had bad arthritis pain and was due for surgery when ... more

Eva Brix, 66.
I used to have so much pain in my hip and knee until ... more

Merete Stube (Denmark), 75.
I was so tired of all our failed attempts of becoming pregnant and the unsuccessful IVF treatment took so much energy out of me. I was ready to give up and then ... more

Lena Andersson, 37.
My migraines have almost all gone and my headaches have disappeared thanks to Grapavin! ... more

Camilla Garde Jensen, 14.
Christina suffered from grass and birch pollen allergy until ... more

Christina Moller, 11.
For three and a half years I suffered with rheumatoid arthritis and I had terrible pain in many of my joints and then ... more

Jette Moller, 47.
I had been taking cortisone for a long time to treat a skin condition called pemphigus, but it wouldn't get cured until ... more

Johnna Østergaard, 61.
I suffered from birch pollen and heavily used antihistamines. Today, my allergy has improved thanks to ... more

Jan Brun Petersen, 43.
I suffered from iritis (inflammation of the iris of the eye) and took lots of painkillers. The painkillers were damaging my overall health until ... more

Lena Andersson, 37.
My menopause symptoms, especially the hot flashes have decreased significantly with ... more

Helle Thuren, 50.
The first time I had a frozen shoulder it was treated with surgery, six months of rehabilitation and lots of painkillers. When my other shoulder froze, I decided to try something else and in just three weeks ... more

Helle Thuren, 50.
Over the next six months all my menopause symptoms disappeared gradually. My hot flashes are now gone, including my night sweats and I can once again sleep well through the night! ... more

Bodil Billeskov, 51.
I started on Doctor's Natural Femivital, vitamins and minerals and I couldn't believe that in just four days I was a completely new woman. Now, I have very few and mild menopause symptoms and I sleep a lot better than before. ... more

Britt Ekland, 54.
My daughter had a terrible case of asthma. When Emilia started using Doctor's Natural Grapavita (double dose) along with vitamins and minerals, her symptoms drastically improved in just one month. ... more

Emilia Mollerup, 4.
After taking double dose Grapavin along with vitamins and minerals for two weeks, I felt so much better. I could breathe more easily and my symptoms almost disappeared. I was also able to stop my medications and after two and a half months. ... more

Natalie Montgomery, 42.
Three weeks after taking Doctor's Natural double dose Grapavin along with vitamins and minerals, my symptoms disappeared. Three weeks after that I mowed the lawn of my parent's summer house and felt absolutely great! ... more

Henry Jones, 25.
Soon after the diagnosis, I started taking Doctor's Natural Femivital, vitamins and minerals as well as walking six kilometers every day. In just five days, I felt much less pain and a month later I stopped taking cortisone. ... more

Tina Frydensberg, 42.
Just 15 days after taking Doctor's Natural Femivital, vitamins and minerals, my night sweats improved considerably. I also felt an overall improvement in my well-being and I had a lot more energy than before. ... more

Sigrid Dam Skovrider, 56.
In just five months of taking the supplements all my injuries healed and I am bursting with energy. I was even able to stop taking painkillers! I still use Anti-Inflamin Super as prevention for future injuries. ... more

Payam Khatam, 25.
I could really feel the effects of the supplements after just one month. Today, I feel more fresh and awake before training and have a lot more vitality and energy during training ... more

Jan Brun Petersen, 43.
After eight months of taking Doctor's Natural Anti-Inflamin Super (first 3 months in double dose and the rest of the time just "normal" dose), vitamins and minerals, I really saw the full effect of the treatment. ... more

Dorothy Nelson, 68.
I started taking Doctor's Natural Grapavin (double dose) along with Doctor's Natural vitamins and minerals in July of 2006. After only four weeks of treatment, I could start cutting down down my asthma medication. ... more

Mette Jacobsen, 35.

Helle Thuren, 50

"With Anti-Inflamin Super I felt noticeable pain relief for my frozen shoulder in just three weeks and no longer need to take painkillers!"

I developed a frozen shoulder on my right side and had surgery to correct it. The recuperation and rehabilitation process following the surgery was a long process. I was on sick leave for six months and worst of all, I was forced to take a lot of strong painkillers. I took ibuprofen and paracetamol every day.

I usually lead a very healthy and natural life and taking painkillers is against my natural instinct. I know the bad side effects they have. So when my left shoulder froze, I looked for alternative treatments.

I found a very skilled physiotherapist who recommended I take double-dose Anti-Inflamin Super and vitamins/minerals.

In just three weeks, I felt noticeable pain relief and after three months of double-dose Anti-Inflamin Super and vitamins/minerals, I did not need to take painkillers anymore.

I recommend these supplements to everybody I can. I would love to point out that I am an intuitive guide and have a healthy scepticism towards new products.

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